Monday, August 12, 2013

Studio Spotlight

So glad you stopped by to visit!
 It is always fun to see where someone else creates, dreams, designs, sews and.....stores their fabric. I hope you enjoy my little studio tour, welcome to the Pacific Northwest! 

photo.JPG photo.JPG

Greetings from Seattle!
 I had all good intentions of having the gardening done before you all arrived, but it started getting dark out and that bag of soil was way too heavy to get out of the picture. So here you have it.  My studio is in a space detached from the house with a door leading in from the backyard. I have 300 square feet to house my Gammill longarm quilting machine, my Bernina domestic machine, a Singer featherweight, my modest but growing fabric stash, my thread wall, my design wall, and a lot of batting.
Yes, I have a palm tree, yes it is out of place in Seattle. Yes, I love California with every part of my heart, what else can I say?
 Hi Victor!

This is my view from the door. The space sits behind our garage. When we moved in it was a very rough storage room with tacky shelving and concrete floors. A lot of love and work has gone into this space, it continues to be an ongoing WIP

For those of you who have never seen a longarm it is quite an impressive machine. My Gammill is cast iron and sits atop a 12 foot table. I have it pictured here alongside my featherweight for scale. Impressive, no?


This is the area behind where I stand while quilting, I seem to have a thing for a good pair of scissors..or two.. or eight. The plexiglass you see on the floor is a tool I use for planning quilting designs.


Pictured below is a gorgeous quilt made by Jules, I quilted spirals on it with the help of my IQ and quickly became once again obsessed by the elusive selvage spiderweb. I store my batting on rolls above the area where I hang customer quilts I have two additional rolls stored under my gammill. Storage in a 300 Sq Ft space with such a large machine is a continual work in progress.

This is my design wall, it is a nice large wall that I constructed using insulation board and covered with batting. My thread storage is quickly being infringed upon by fabric overflow in need of a place to stay. I love color order and am smitten with my Value quilt WIP. I have completely crushed on value quilts thanks to Katie after taking her value quilt class at Drygoods.

Value quilt

Here is a view from my studio looking out to the backyard, my husband just put screens on my window and a new door, I am lucky to have so much natural and very little direct sunlight coming into the space. 
My cutting table is in a constant state of being a disaster area. All of those trimmings and thread will make their way out to birds nests in the yard. There are a ridiculous number of birds living in our backyard. With all the thread and fabric scraps available for nesting material I get the feeling that my backyard is like the Hamptons of the bird world.



I have somehow managed to collect a few vintage sewing machines. The one pictured below is a before and after shot of an industrial Singer sewing machine dated to 1911 that my step dad found and brought back to life for me. It currently resides in the garage, but we aren't talking about how I am slowly but surely taking over the garage for additional sewing space are we?

 Here is my sewing table and some of the fun stuff that inspires me hanging on the walls.  I love mini quilts and I love to paint and draw. I am in the process of cutting and trading many MANY 6" squares for value quilts. I have amassed enough squares to make value quilts to roughly cover the entire city of Seattle.
 It does rain here a lot.


 I searched and searched AND searched for this IKEA table on Craigslist and finally just caved and bought one new. It was worth every cent. I covered it with a layer of batting and fabric, it is a fantastic ironing/work surface.
I am inspired by so many things and love to surround myself and fill my space with treasures.


Its been my pleasure to have you visit my studio on this virtual tour.
Enjoy all of the other studio and crafting spaces featured,  I would love to see where you create too!
 Where ever you create big or small, living room, dining room, extra room...err...garage.... studio, our sewing/crafting spaces are such special, important places where we can escape to, express ourselves and create beautiful things. I have enjoyed sharing mine with you. As always thank you for visiting and have a wonderful week. xoxo


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quilting Happiness~Finding my quilting style

What is your quilting style? How do you define your style? 

I have always loved collage and am very excited and inspired to be included in Christina Lane and Diane Gilleland's blog hop for the upcoming release of Quilting Happiness

It has been years since I have done a collage and until now had not realized how similar it actually is to quilting. Selecting pictures from magazines is much like choosing fabrics for a new quilt. We are all drawn to certain colors, shapes and moods. One of the exercises in this book helps you to explore your style by creating a collage and answering questions based on the collage you create.

I found that my selections are very color driven. Many of the images I selected feature colors that have been popping up in my fabric pulls and drawings for new quilt projects.

As I was ripping out pictures from magazines I had no idea how closely they would relate to my recent fabric choices and quilting projects, but when I uploaded the pictures it was pretty undeniable.

This exercise was both relaxing and informative, I am looking forward the collection of quilt projects and other exercises, tools and quizzes that will be found in Quilting Happiness.

I also found that I have an over abundance of food magazines. As it turns out I like to EAT,  QUILT, and BUY FABRIC. Maybe next time I go to eat something I shouldn't I will rationalize it by saying I am eating it for quilt inspiration. This quilting happiness may lead me to something creative and tasty....homemade ice cream perhaps?
I am also seeing a trailer vacation with rainbows and a Tilamook bus in my future, hopefully filled with beautiful pillows, quilts and lots of cheddar.

Please hop over to the other fabulous bloggers who also took part in this fun exercise.
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Mermaids, Unicorns and other mythical excuses for hoarding fabric.

If you are like me, you have been hanging onto mermaid and unicorn fabric and you know that the longer you have it the harder it becomes to use, the more difficult it becomes to find, thus the more it hurts to cut. It's actually quite a brilliant excuse for hoarding fabric but it's time has finally come.
After seeing Katie's triangle quilt it became very clear to me that I needed to make a triangle quilt for Lucy. I backed it with lavender minky rosebud swirls because yes, I love her that much.

Snuggling up beneath it with her made me realize that I had to have my own version, so the pulling began. Lucy's quilt has a palette of pink, purple lavender, yellow and orange. I am making my version with blues, greens, cerise, lavender and orange. It feels very ice sherbet,  it IS summer here so,
 tis the season!

As is the case with most anything I piece, a bit of Frankenquilt works its way into my work. I can't let these precious bits go unused.

On the design wall just needs a few more triangles!

 Already thinking about the backing fabric. This green Kaffe paperweight is a front runner. Have you felt the hand on the newly released Westminister fabrics? HOLY SOFT!

Because I can't stop I have pulled for yet a third mermaid quilt:
Happy Hoarding.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Maze and Swirls

For some longarm quilters our tendency is to quilt the heck out of it. Yet often all that a quilt really needs is a flowing design to add texture and movement without overwhelming the quilt. This quilt was made by Amanda in Katie's value class. I was instantly in love with the quilt and knew that to make this quilt shine without overwhelming the stunning overall design that a simple swirls pattern would be perfect.

Amanda's Value Quilt

I have quilted this digital swirls pattern on many quilts now and it always seems to work, the quilt stays soft and cozy and is never stiff. Baptist fans have the same overall effect but with a slightly more traditional twist.

Now it would be silly for me to say that I don't like a lot of quilting because obviously I do and when Michelle sent me this beauty with her only instructions being, I want it custom and do "whatever", I couldn't resist. I love the traditional look of the orange peel design which is perfect for a quilt with a lot of squares.I added some very big swirls some maze here and there and I even squeezed a moon in there.

Michelle's scrappytripalong

Speaking of Moons, when Cindy brought me her peace quilt I immediately thought I needed to add a moon. I am a bit crescent moon obsessed.

Cindy's Peace Sign Quilt

What about the Maze I was talking about? Well, I have another digital pattern that I have grown to know and love, it is an on point maze and like the swirls it looks good on anything. It adds the same texture and movement yet the quilt retains the supple soft quality. We chose it for Penny's drop dead gorgeous snowball quilt.

Penny's Snowball Quilt
Penny's snowball Quilt
Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We have a winner!

Hi everyone! 
Leanne you won!!! I hope you love it!
Thank you everyone for all of your comments and love on this purse. This purse is NOT that hard to make! Hell, I made it using Vinyl! The pattern is from Alexia's book Liberty Love   ALL ZIPPED UP BAG of awesomeness..
Thanks for stopping by for the Micro Mod Sew ALong!!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Micro Mod

Happy Sunday and Welcome to my stop on the Micro Mod Sew Along!
I had the pleasure of meeting Alexia at Quilt Con and was thrilled to find out she would be teaching a class from her book Liberty Love at Drygoods Design here in Seattle. In her class we whipped up some Around town Tote bags and I got to see her All Zipped Up bag in class as well as the ever popular Marcelle Medallion Quilt. When Alexia invited me to be a part of this sew along I was thrilled.
Putting on my thinking cap I quickly resolved to making yet another (yes this is my third) All Zipped Up Bag from Liberty Love. I think that it's a perfect merge of this amazing husband/wife team. Alexia's pattern, Rob's fabric...a match made in Heaven? Well.....yes!
I just returned from a family road trip to California where I picked up some metallic vinyl. Not your typical quilting cotton mind you, a bit different, maybe even a bit odd (think your favorite diners seat cover).  More than either of those two adjectives a  bit delicious and retro especially paired with Rob's awesomely retro and funky line!
It all started with the triangles, I mixed the micro mod with what I believe I have identified as a green essex linen (not 100% sure on this) I added in some field study, a bit of Echino and the marvelous Melody Miller Telephone.

 I added a front panel with a zipped pocket because I love a front zipper on a purse.

 This is the bag almost done just waiting for a handle and some hardware. I lined the purse with what might be my favorite from the Micro mod line: Tick Tock in white!

And Voila!

 The All Zipped Up bag all done!All metallic, all funky all Micro Mod fun!

All Zipped Up is right and ready to go!!!
If you would love this bag I would love to give it to you.
 I ask three simple things of you: do something kind for yourself, do something kind for someone else and comment here with any reason you would love this bag. I will choose a winner on Tuesday evening. 
I hope you have enjoyed this stop, and be sure to follow along with the rest of  the His and Hers microMod sew along! If you make a project from the sew along be sure to tag it on Instagram with #microMod , and add itto the microMod flickr group.
There will be prizes at each stop, and at the end of the month you can enter to win an amazing grand prize: A fat quarter stack of microMod by Rob Bancroft from Cloud9 fabrics, the entire Green Bee Patterns collection, a microMod sewing bag, and a Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine! (Open to contiguous US residents only.)
April 2 - Alexia & Rob Green Bee
April 3 - Kelly at Kelbysews
April 5 - Amanda at the Craft Junky
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April 8 - Heather at alamode
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April 22 - Krista at Krista Withers Quilting
April 29 - Katy from I'm a Ginger Monkey
April 30 - Amber from One Shabby Chick
May 1 - Alexia & Rob Green Bee GRAND PRIZE

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Modern Maze

 I love spiral quilting,  I mean REALLY love it. Love to do it, love to draw it, love to look at it. Mixed with a maze, some pebbles and it may be my favorite quilting design. The following quilts are customer quilts that I have freehand quilted this modern maze on and I am super proud to share that Modern Maze is available for computerized quilting systems,  paper patterns are available as well.
I work with Jessica from digitech designs, her patterns are fabulous and her digitizing is amazing. One of my favorite patterns is her baptist fan pattern which is one of my go to digital patterns for any quilt from modern to traditional.
I hope to be coming out with many more allover designs for modern quilts to share with you. Modern Maze will be on sale for half off until Jan. 31st!! Hope you are all enjoying the start of 2013!

 Thanks for stopping by!!
Customer Quilt

Quilt by Suzie
Quilt by Melody Crust