Sunday, June 30, 2013

Maze and Swirls

For some longarm quilters our tendency is to quilt the heck out of it. Yet often all that a quilt really needs is a flowing design to add texture and movement without overwhelming the quilt. This quilt was made by Amanda in Katie's value class. I was instantly in love with the quilt and knew that to make this quilt shine without overwhelming the stunning overall design that a simple swirls pattern would be perfect.

Amanda's Value Quilt

I have quilted this digital swirls pattern on many quilts now and it always seems to work, the quilt stays soft and cozy and is never stiff. Baptist fans have the same overall effect but with a slightly more traditional twist.

Now it would be silly for me to say that I don't like a lot of quilting because obviously I do and when Michelle sent me this beauty with her only instructions being, I want it custom and do "whatever", I couldn't resist. I love the traditional look of the orange peel design which is perfect for a quilt with a lot of squares.I added some very big swirls some maze here and there and I even squeezed a moon in there.

Michelle's scrappytripalong

Speaking of Moons, when Cindy brought me her peace quilt I immediately thought I needed to add a moon. I am a bit crescent moon obsessed.

Cindy's Peace Sign Quilt

What about the Maze I was talking about? Well, I have another digital pattern that I have grown to know and love, it is an on point maze and like the swirls it looks good on anything. It adds the same texture and movement yet the quilt retains the supple soft quality. We chose it for Penny's drop dead gorgeous snowball quilt.

Penny's Snowball Quilt
Penny's snowball Quilt
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Happy Sunday!


  1. Love the quilting and designs you have used on those quilts...beautiful......looking forward to seeing more of your work....Cathy

  2. fabulous quilting- love your crescent moon-cool!

  3. Stunning! I I adore how you quilted the scrappy trip quilt, such a beautiful combination of motifs!

  4. I'm saving my pennies to send any future precious quilts off to you!

  5. How fun! The quilts were all beautifully pieced and of course, the quilting is great! I agree, the scrappy trip one is super interesting and unique. Lucky owner! :) great job!

  6. A visual smorgasbord of quilting. Particularly love it when you are given 'just do what you want' instructions :-) xx

  7. The swirls with the squares are great. Love the moon with the pebbles as well. I've been contemplating quilting for a baby quilt and was first thinking of simple and minimal but then I thought, maybe I should just quilt the ever living daylights out of it. I'm going to try plan two :)

  8. This is very inspiring, both the quilting and that scrappy trip along quilt too.

  9. It all looks amazing! I hope some day to be half as good as you on the longarm Krista!

  10. Love seeing photos of your gorgeous work on so many different quilts! These are stunning!

  11. Beautiful quilting! Thanks for sharing your insight on quilting pattern selection.

  12. I'm thrilled to see my quilt included in the photos. You.are.amazing!!!

  13. I just found your stunning quilts Love them all. I am a beginner longarm quilter using digital designs. I am quilting for the Quilts of Valor. I received a trip around the world quilt. I was
    searching for example on how to do the quilting. Have a bless day

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