Friday, April 27, 2012

Quilting Shattered

Shattered is a recreation of one of the quilts from Katie and Jacquie's amazing new book, Quilting Modern which has just been released.
Katie made this version and had me quilt it before the release so I wasn't able to share it just yet.

 Following the lead of how  Angela quilted the original and tweaking it a bit I think it came out stunning.
As you can see there are a lot of straight line echoes, I did some freehand but it is very easy to Bobble freehand diagonals...So, meet my beloved IQ:

This quilt was quilted about 25% freehand with rulers and 75%IQ. This doesn't mean that I was able to just walk away and let Einstein do all the work. No sir. I plugged in every point I wanted the needle to hit and the IQ calculated straight lines between those points...IQ also stitched very straight lines,even diagonal straight lines.
Have I mentioned how much I love my IQ?
Anyone with an IQ who is curious, I used Line pattern, marking the quilt manually.
I'm quite sure there is an easier/faster way,  an echo path maybe? But I like the organic feel of this approach.

Katie used AMH velveteen on the back and she describes it like butter....agreed.

If you don't know Katie, please check out her blog here:

And if you haven't grabbed a copy of the book yet:


Quilting Modern

You will be delighted that you did.

I promise.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bee progress

My recent "Sew la Tea" block for the Sew Out Loud QAL was inspired by this block:
Which I made for Smoochee in the Pastiche Bee on flickr. Her theme was Alice in Wonderland and I couldn't resist creating a Mad Hatter toppling tea cup stack, which eventually led to my "Sew la Tea" block.
Also pictured are a few "sketches" for Pastiche. I have fallen a bit behind with all the procrastinating I have been working so hard at.
Exhibit a.)

I had all good intentions of submitting this drawing for the Spoonflower Fabric8 contest, unfortunately I procrastinated to the point of  missing the a good nine hours...oops.

Here are a few more complete Pastiche blocks which I will be getting in the mail tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sew Out Loud Quilt Along- Sew La Tea

Welcome to week 11 of the Sew Out Loud Quilt Along! My block is called "Sew La Tea"-- can't you just hear the Von Trapp family singing a bit of "Do Re Mi" right now? The design features three whimsical spool teacups, on the verge of tumbling out of their stack.

It's a lot of fun choosing fabrics for each cup. A tip-- make sure to choose contrasting fabrics for your spools and tea cups so the design will really stand out! You can fussy cut your fabrics for the inside of the spools. I've also made a version that has free-pieced background sections. If you want to learn more about how to do free-piecing in your block, I'd recommend Sarah and Molly's Free Piecing Study.

Start by downloading and printing the templates here and full piecing diagram here. Remember that the templates are a mirror image of the block itself (see below), so that when you're finished sewing, you end up with with what you see in my completed examples.

Sew the pieces together in this order:

{(I+Q+H) +X+N+T+A} purple cup (part 1)

{(F+P+G)+B+S+M+V}green cup (part 2)

{(C+O+D)+E+R+U}orange cup (part 3)

Part 1+2+3+J+K

Don't forget to add your blocks to our Sew Out Loud Flickr group. Thank you to Kyrie (Shape Moth) for creating these templates for me in EQ7. And another big thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop for sponsoring this Quilt Along! And to you K3 my friend for helping me get this posted with links and everything.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quilting Jen's Charming Neptune Wave

Jen's Charming Neptune Wave quilt may be one of my favorite quilts! I didn't want this quilt to end!


I quilted it with different designs in each section, sometimes echoing the fabric design.



Final stretchGoodbye lovely

Quilting Krista's Rainbow Log Cabin

I recently finished quilting Krista's twin-sized Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt using a Baptist Fan pantograph pattern by Jessica Schick. Both of our daughters think that the quilting looks like rainbows!

Baptist fan quilting

Baptist fans!

Beautiful rainbow!!!