Monday, September 17, 2012

Where have I been???

It's been too long I know. I am not the best about keeping up with a consistent blogging schedule. I have been busy though, very busy!
I am honored (and terrified) to announce that I will be having a show coming up in October at the Island Quilter on Vashon Island. This is truly one of the loveliest quilt shops I have ever been to, amazing fabric, fantastic customer service and a HUGE gallery space what more could you ask for?
So, what have I been up to you ask?  Aside from washing and ironing my entire fabric collection.(procrastinators have no limits)

 I have been trying to put together a hopefully wonderful show to open on Friday, October 5th from 6-9. If you happen to be in the area please stop by and say hello, I will be there!
I will have approx 25 quilts in the show, many I have made, and many have been made by some of the best friends/customers a girl could be lucky enough to have. All of the quilts were quilted by me.
Here is a sneak peak of what will be hanging:

 "Hot and Cold" Quilt made by my fabulously talented and wonderful friend Krista 

 My circles Bee quilt, blocks made by the talented ladies from Fresh Modern bee 2

 You may recognize these triangles from Katie's blog, I have been lucky enough to collaborate with this lovely lady and in the process make a treasured friend...and we both have the same inclination towards drinking good beer and spending money we don't have on fabric, it was meant to be.

That is just the cup that says BUD LIGHT. The beer is actually real beer.

 Another one of Katie's lovely creations!

 Hey! This doesn't look finished OR quilted, truth be told it is neither, but with any luck it will be hanging in the show.

Another view of Krista's lovely quilt.

 And last but certainly not least I had the privilege of quilting this amazingly insane quilt made by Alison Robins

Other quilts in the show made by these talented women:
Sonja Callaghan

Joanne Roth
Maggie Downing
Gail Witt

and Irene Campbell who must have sores on her precious fingers from all of the sleeves and bindings she has sewn on for me...for whom I would not have been able to do this without.  

Please bear with me and my pitiful blogging habits, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this. Please stop by the show if you can and although I'm horrible about replying  to comments I do read each one and love that you have taken the time to leave one.