Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Modern Maze

 I love spiral quilting,  I mean REALLY love it. Love to do it, love to draw it, love to look at it. Mixed with a maze, some pebbles and it may be my favorite quilting design. The following quilts are customer quilts that I have freehand quilted this modern maze on and I am super proud to share that Modern Maze is available for computerized quilting systems,  paper patterns are available as well.
I work with Jessica from digitech designs, her patterns are fabulous and her digitizing is amazing. One of my favorite patterns is her baptist fan pattern which is one of my go to digital patterns for any quilt from modern to traditional.
I hope to be coming out with many more allover designs for modern quilts to share with you. Modern Maze will be on sale for half off until Jan. 31st!! Hope you are all enjoying the start of 2013!

 Thanks for stopping by!!
Customer Quilt

Quilt by Suzie
Quilt by Melody Crust