Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quilting Happiness~Finding my quilting style

What is your quilting style? How do you define your style? 

I have always loved collage and am very excited and inspired to be included in Christina Lane and Diane Gilleland's blog hop for the upcoming release of Quilting Happiness

It has been years since I have done a collage and until now had not realized how similar it actually is to quilting. Selecting pictures from magazines is much like choosing fabrics for a new quilt. We are all drawn to certain colors, shapes and moods. One of the exercises in this book helps you to explore your style by creating a collage and answering questions based on the collage you create.

I found that my selections are very color driven. Many of the images I selected feature colors that have been popping up in my fabric pulls and drawings for new quilt projects.

As I was ripping out pictures from magazines I had no idea how closely they would relate to my recent fabric choices and quilting projects, but when I uploaded the pictures it was pretty undeniable.

This exercise was both relaxing and informative, I am looking forward the collection of quilt projects and other exercises, tools and quizzes that will be found in Quilting Happiness.

I also found that I have an over abundance of food magazines. As it turns out I like to EAT,  QUILT, and BUY FABRIC. Maybe next time I go to eat something I shouldn't I will rationalize it by saying I am eating it for quilt inspiration. This quilting happiness may lead me to something creative and tasty....homemade ice cream perhaps?
I am also seeing a trailer vacation with rainbows and a Tilamook bus in my future, hopefully filled with beautiful pillows, quilts and lots of cheddar.

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  1. looking at your colours I suggest that you put a tub of double cream and 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar into a bowl, tip in a packet of frozen raspberries and blitz with a wand blender. Instant bright ice cream, repeat with blue berries. food for the soul and the body.

  2. love your colour choices! This book looks like a really good one to add to the reading shelf, thanks!
    and I love Pam's suggestion - yum!

  3. I'll hook you up with that bus.

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