Monday, July 8, 2013

Mermaids, Unicorns and other mythical excuses for hoarding fabric.

If you are like me, you have been hanging onto mermaid and unicorn fabric and you know that the longer you have it the harder it becomes to use, the more difficult it becomes to find, thus the more it hurts to cut. It's actually quite a brilliant excuse for hoarding fabric but it's time has finally come.
After seeing Katie's triangle quilt it became very clear to me that I needed to make a triangle quilt for Lucy. I backed it with lavender minky rosebud swirls because yes, I love her that much.

Snuggling up beneath it with her made me realize that I had to have my own version, so the pulling began. Lucy's quilt has a palette of pink, purple lavender, yellow and orange. I am making my version with blues, greens, cerise, lavender and orange. It feels very ice sherbet,  it IS summer here so,
 tis the season!

As is the case with most anything I piece, a bit of Frankenquilt works its way into my work. I can't let these precious bits go unused.

On the design wall just needs a few more triangles!

 Already thinking about the backing fabric. This green Kaffe paperweight is a front runner. Have you felt the hand on the newly released Westminister fabrics? HOLY SOFT!

Because I can't stop I have pulled for yet a third mermaid quilt:
Happy Hoarding.


  1. great! I just bought some of that Kaffe paperweight print in red.

  2. What a lucky girl to have such a beautiful quilt! Yours is going to be gorgeous as well. Sadly I am far too good at fabric hoarding :0)

  3. Now I feel better. Thanks for sharing your fabric hoarding secret!

  4. So it wasn't just me on the Amy Butler Belle reprint feeling soft again? They used to be awesome (like around Katie Jump Rope) and then there's been awhile that hasn't been so great.

  5. Pretty sure those will be fabulous. Such wonderful fabrics!

  6. It IS hard to find unicorn fabric! I was trying to find some when I ran across your blog.

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