Monday, November 2, 2015

Workshops YAY!

I have a few exciting teaching announcements and a ton of planning, prepping, stitching, retreating, drawing, and scheming ahead of me.
 I will make this post picture heavy and hopefully brief.
I have been invited to teach at some very exciting shows in 2016 and I couldn't be more excited!

To start the year I will be at Quiltcon in Pasadena teaching, all hands on classes. I had an amazing time in Austin and am really looking forward to February.

In April I will be teaching at MQX in New Hampshire. New England will be gorgeous in April and I am looking forward to returning as a teacher instead of a student. I am teaching two hands on classes as well as some lecture/demo classes. To sign up for my classes click here.

MQS MAY 2016
In May I will be off to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to teach at MQS, registration is not open yet, but should be in the upcoming weeks!

SMQG 2015
But hey! 2015 isn't over yet and I am thrilled to be hosted by the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild
for a drawing/ modern whole cloth design workshop. Join me Sunday, November 15th, 2015 from 10:30-4:45 at Tukwila Sew and Vac
 Click here to register, there are 5 spots left and registration is open to the general public now.


Shown below are a few examples of what my Compositional Drawing/Whole cloth design class will look like. I am teaching this class at Quiltcon, MQX and at Tukwila sew and vac with SMQG.

The photos below are samples that I have been making for my Broken Wreath and Ghost Shapes lecture/demo classes at MQX and MQS.

 Here, I used contrasting blue thread, definitely out of my comfort zone but it's a great exercise and the designs can really pop out.

Shown below is quilting on one of the samples that I marked out in my whole cloth design class, this technique quilts out pretty fast and has been a very liberating way for me to look at quilting.

And Voila!

I've said it before but making class samples always opens up new doors for me. This style of quilting has inspired me to start working on a whole cloth (type) design, that's really not a whole cloth at all. Here are a few photos of my latest project which I will go into more detail as I figure out what I'm actually doing.
The design is inspired by the stitch and flip triangle which is sprinkled through a lot of
Katie Pedersen's work. I took her magic numbers class and was amazed at the possibilities that exist within this format. I am approaching this project with the intentions of doing it entirely on the longarm so there will actually be no stitch and flip anything, all of the piecing will be raw edge appliqué but the design is certainly inspired by Katie's work, which you can find in her and Jacquie's fabulous book, Quilting Modern.

Off to get my week going, thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to meeting some of you in my classes in the months to follow!!