Monday, August 8, 2016

EDIT: SOLD Gammill Classic Plus with 12' Table with IntelliQuilter

Have you dreamed of starting your own machine quilting business?
This is an amazing opportunity to purchase a fabulous machine and IntelliQuilter  in addition to tools books and thread that I have collected and used for the last ten years to run a very successful machine quilting business.
You can contact me via email:
Serious Inquiries ONLY

 I will spend two 5 hour days with you (after you have  the machine completely set up)
Teaching you any combination of things that you would like to learn from me. I will set up two workshops catered to you and your skill level.
This workshop option is only offered for LOCAL buyer (Greater Seattle area)

Gammill Classic Plus with 12 foot table
Purchased in December 2006 from Boersmas
IntelliQuilter added in 2010
Stitch Length Regulator
Needle Up/Down
Batting Bar
Vertical/Horizontal channel locks
Zipper Leaders
Boersma's Hydraulic lift
Boersma's Light bar
Easy Glide wheels (new in 2015)
Extra tall rolling chair
Towa bobbin tension gauge
Removable Extended Base
3 Extra bobbin cases
Many extra bobbins
The sale of this machine includes ALL of the Longarm rulers listed, many books and thousands of dollars worth of Superior "So Fine" thread (see photos).
3 sizes -Linda Mae's Rolling Feathers templates and instructions
Deloa's Boomerang
Quilters Groove pro pebbles template
Quilters Rule Micro Maneuver tool
Amazing Ray and Arc template set from Renae Haddadin with DVD
Longarm University:
  12" Feather guide, template and instructions
   8" Feather guide, template and instructions
   6" Feather guide, template and instructions
   1.5" Circles and Waves Template
   3" Sashiko Stars Template
   1.5" Diagonal Grid Template
Circle Set 6 Gadget Girls 12" Circle
Come Quilt with me 1", 2", 3", 4", 5" and 6"
Three  1/8" oval rulers for marking
Five 1/4" thick ovals
The Little Girl Ruler from Gadget Girls
Applique Helper Linda's Electric Quilters
Over 60 unused plastic stencils
Quilting Inside the Lines with Pam Clarke comes with a full set of stencils and Pounce Pad and extra chalk.
In The Studio with Angela Walters
Infinite Feathers with Anita Shackelfield comes with template
Ultimate Guide to Longarm Quilting by Linda Taylor
Beyond the Extreme by Mary Nording
Blooming Background Designs by Irena Bluhm
Pocket Guide series to Freehanding:
textures and fillers

Purchaser is responsible for pick up and transportation, reassembly and all associated cost.
Machine has been maintained by Boersma's. If you choose to contact them they can help with moving and reassembly of the machine for a cost to be determined when you contact them.

Front of Machine with Extended Base

Boersma's Excellent Light bar

 Boersma's Hydraulic Lift,  with the push of a button go from standing to sit down or just adjust it slightly every hour  or so of a long day to reduce fatigue. Worth its weight in gold.

Easy Glide wheels new in 2015~ awesome!

 Very comfortable adjustable Chair that is extra high to sit and work.

The rainbow in thread, every color you need for starting a business and having the perfect thread for your customers quilts. This machine loves Superior "so fine". Bottom shelf is Madeira Poly Neon wonderful shine.

Over 60 unused plastic stencils.

Rulers Galore!


  1. Are you giving up longarm quilting?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. ??? You know this has sparked questions!

  4. hmmmm......And I was going to email you about classes in the Seattle area. We are heading your way in 2017.

  5. Are you getting a new machine? Will you still teach?

  6. That sure is a good buy! Are you giving up quilting?

  7. I'm asking too, is anything wrong? Are you giving up quilting?

  8. What an awesome package, I hope to see more of your fabulous quilting in the future, you are an inspspiration!

  9. My question would also be reason for selling especially after spending the extra money for the computer quilting to be added.

  10. This would be good for you to put on FB.

  11. I had the pleasure of taking a class from you at MQX in was definitely inspirational! When I saw this yesterday I hoped that such a big "unloading" is for good reasons. I couldn't believe you were unloading so much..from your longarm right down to all your threads. I hope you will still be involved in, and continue teaching in, quilting. It would be such a loss to all of us if you didn't. I wish you much luck in whatever you have planned.

  12. Are you ok? This is a fantastically generous offer, I'm just hoping you have bought a new one for you.

  13. Hello Krista, I am relatively new free motion quilter and found you when I was looking for ideas on whole cloth quilts. I have a 36 year old daughter and I told her my greatest fear was that people would find out I was faking quilting. Seriously, fearful that it would not be good enough. then, I saw your post about your first quilt and I was ok again. I think you are a very generous teacher and lady. I do not do any social media and never put comments on blogs but when I saw this post of yours I was genuinely worried about you. So, I had to go with my hub to the doctors yesterday for some tests and there was a really good article on fraudulent thinking and how it affects our relationships and work. In otherwords, when we think we are frauds it hurts us. it basically was saying to accept praise, love yourself and just breath. Our expectations can be too high and no one can be all that really...we just do the best we can. I truly hope you are well and please take a minute and don't do anything rash. Kathleen in Fredericksburg, Va

  14. Hugs! Your quilting style has inspired me many times, giving me the confidence to challenge myself and think outside the box. I hope that you find joy in your accomplishments and passion for new projects/opportunities moving forward. Like I shared with my family, it really doesn’t matter what I want or they want, God will put us where we need to be. Life is full of transitional places, people, and careers giving us new opportunities and adventures. Hugs!

  15. Krista, I am so distraught to read that you're hanging it up! You have got talent!! I wish I had found your website sooner but I'm a newbie. May your new travels take you to new heights!!

  16. Your products have a variety of colors