Monday, May 7, 2012

Quilting Modern Fans

Happy Monday!
I have had the pleasure of quilting fans on quite a few quilts lately and I must say I am falling in love with them. Modern fans, Baptist fans...they both add movement and texture to the quilt but stay soft and don't distract from the piecing!
These quilts were quilted using my IQ, with Laura's fan pattern, offset 50%.
This first one is a picnic quilt that Krista sent me to practice on. Fans can be tricky to stack or nest properly so I really appreciated her letting me use a couple of her quilts for trial and error.

When I finished I hung it up outside, it will truly be a wonderful picnic quilt!
If you look close you might see a white butterfly that flew by as I snapped the pic!

Feeling pretty confident that I had a good grasp on lining up the pattern properly I started to work on Angela's  cracker scrap quilt. A quilt that would have really shown if I messed up!
Again, thanks to my friend who I don't know what I'd do without!
Now to Angela's gorgeous quilt:

And Voila!!

And just because she couldn't resist she made the back almost as lovely as the front!

 I used Hobbs Poly-down batting and Superior's So Fine and Bottom Line threads.


  1. Beautiful work. Well done. I love seeing your inprogress photos.

  2. Another fab quilting job! Love Angela's quilt (somewhat partial since I have a block in there!).

  3. Oh so lovely!! Just makes one want to curl up in it and have a springtime nap!

  4. It's amazing! YOU'RE amazing! I can't wait to see it in person!!!